John Mete Patahi to Dorothy Weale, 17 April 1883, C144/184

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Patahi, John Mete


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C144-184


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Putiki Whanganui

Province of Wellington, New Zealand
April 17 1883

To Miss Weale,

… to you! Through the loving kindness of God this is to [acquaint?] you first of the sincere love of the Whanganui chief for your when we heard you were the lady who befriended the Maori tribes of New Zealand. Indeed very great is the love of the New Zealand chiefs towards you for … your work of love towards them. And we the chiefs pray that god may long continue to bless you.

Secondly this is to acquaint you that on this day was my great meeting held, to which were convened the Ngapuli tribes and all the chiefs of the Islands of New Zealand. This meeting has been convened for the purpose of laying down regulations to bear upon a petition regarding the treaty of Whaitonga and the wrongs of the Maori tribes of New Zealand. The Petition has been agreed to by all the chiefs assembled at this meeting. Siney Taiwhanga and Mitai Litore Tene Taui have been deputed by this meeting to collect signatures through the whole Island.

When fully signed, the petition will be layed before the government and the government his council. That effected our representatives will be commissioned to take our petition to the parliament and government of England.

Thirdly we return thanks on behalf of all Maories, who have ever reached England and been cared for by you and your English friends; and similar will be our thanks on account of those whom we shall send to England with this petition. May the blessing of god rest upon you and your country. Oh lord god have mercy upon the beloved Queen!

From your affectionate friends in Christ our savior
Mete Kaingi Patahi
John Mete Patahi