Julius Jameson to Frederick Chesson, 11 November 1879, C139/53

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Jameson, Julius









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C139-53


John J. Irvine and Co.
10 Austin Friars, E.C.
London 11 Nov 1879

F.W. Chesson Esq

17 King W Street W.C.

Dear Sir,

Herewith I send you the vagrancy bill in print. I send you it as brought forward just before your post card reached saying you … it. Also I send such details of evidence on Basutoland as I could find. I also … a pieces of the ‘House Duty Act’, it would take too long to copy out verbatim. I attach the letter I read you, as it appeared in an Edinburgh. newspaper ‘Daily News’ would not take up the subject. ‘Scotsman’ would also not write on the subject. Liberals report to return to power and dread to disturb Cape natives: I shall send copy of my letter to various M.P.s. PM Sprigg’s speech at Basutoland ‘Pitso’ is a success, as reported in ‘Times’ yesterday morning. It was translated by Rev E Billand a scholar and poet in the Sesutu language, as well as a great linguist in European languages; born in the country and a great favorite with the Basuto people. He would translate all what a good speaker like Sprigg would say, but I do not believe the Govt will put disarmament act into force in that country and if they do I dread the consequences.

The House Tax will not appear [severe?] to those who do not know the natives. Their huts contain generally nothing but the labour of their wives and daughters: 10/ duty is … more than they have in money. You will see the claims in seizure and sale and now owner can do so in collectors place.

Talking to a farmer’s daughter, who left in ‘Balmoral Castle’ this morning, she gave me details of it severe injustice. A kafir hut would seldom sell for more than a years tax I should think. I am bought one (to stable a pony in for a few weeks) for 5/.

I don’t know that there is any other matter I can bring before you just now.

Believe me, dear Sir,
Yours faithfully,
Julius [W?] Jameson