Kama Herero to Frederick Chesson, Aug 20 1885, C139/136

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Herero, Kama


Indigenous person






German South West Africa

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C139-136


Aug 20/85

F.W. Chesson Esq
Secretary Aborigines Protection Society
22 Broadway Chambers

My friend,

I Kama Herero chief of the Damaras write to ask you to help me. We Damaras have always been friends of the British. We have given the British the Port of Walwich Bay, and we gave in 1876 to an agent of the cape Colonial Government full rights over our country.

For some time they placed an agent at Okohanja but he was withdrawn.

Again last year we gave our country over to the British. We now hear that the Germans wish to take over our country. We do not wish to have the Germans here and we never have given and never wish to give our country to them.

We have given our country to the British in the full expectation that they would take it and protect us to that we could sit still and enjoy the things we possess. I say we look to the great Queen of the British to protect us and to fulfil those promises which were made when we gave our country over to the British Government.

Now Sir, I have been told that you can help us in this matter. I say then help us and deliver us from these Germans who seize our country without our wish and who bring war and destruction upon us.

We want the British Nation to fulfil the promises which were made by Mr Palgrave to us, we have always been ready to fulfil those we made through him.

Your friend,
Kama Herero
His mark

Samuel Maharero
Samuel Sheperd


It is our intention to send delegates to England to plead our cause in person, the very first opportunity we may have.