Matthew Kapa to Charlotte Weale, 27 December 1882, C139/137

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Kapa, Matthew


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C139-137


R.M. Kapa to Miss Weale
Dec 27 82

Bay of Islands
New Zealand
Des 27 1882

Miss Weale

Greetings to you. I am thinking of you at all times I am glad to hear good news of you here in new zealand of your welcoming Maori visitors to England from a long time ago, even to Te Puhi Parore and his children, and a great number of others scattered all over the island here. I have received your tokens of love which yi sent to me through our Father Bishop Cowrie £3.10 thank you.

The likeness which you sent to ‘Charlotte Miss Weale Mitai’ I have given to her. Te Puhi and his friends arrived safely, in new zealand; no harm came to them on their journey. I have seen them all. I am the Minister of Sidneys Taiwhanga’s village. We live near to each other at Kaikohe I have heard the words of those who speak evil of him. And I find fault with what they say: 1 Because we have lived together for 7 years, and I do not know of one bad thing that he has done. (2) Does he do any thing to hinder me in my work in the Church? (3) Does he coincide with those, who are opposed to the right teaching of the Church? (4) Does he despise the teaching which I give to the Church at Kaikohe? Sidney is a child brought up by the Father’s of the Church of England, he lived at the College in Auckland, he is a child of Bishop Selwyn’s school.

There are somethings perhaps he comes short in, how am I to know the things belonging to the Church with which he is connected are good to my knowledge.

(Again 1) Sidney was my stay in building the new Church at Kaikohe. And a friend to me, on the committee for collecting the money for that church. (2) He sustained and cheered me in my work for the Church at Kaikohe, (3) He has been a regular attendant in my Church for years, and (4) He has been a regular and constant Communicant from a long time ago even to now, I am very thankful to the Fathers in London for administering the Sacrament. (5) He had been strong in vanishing spirits from the people at Kaikohe. Although they would not listen, still he talked. My new Church is about to be built, this year it will be built, William Te Puhi Hihi Parrore is a long way off from me, but he is a man who prays to God and his elder relation also one of the Parrore that is all I have to say.

From Revd Matthew Kapa
To Miss Weale