Maurice Green to Frederick Chesson, 7 February 1884, C137/7

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Green, Maurice









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C137-7


61 Edward …
Kensington Park Rd SE
7 Feb 1884

Dear Mr Chesson,

We forgot to tell you that we have seen Mr Tucker, who will endeavour to get the Archb of Canterbury and the Bishop of London to attend. The Bishop of Bedford will also be asked. Now the great difficulty will be how to proceed further after the conference. Several of Moroka’s friends think it advisable for me to go back with them to present personally a copy of the resolutions or a memorial signed by the Archbishop and some gentlemen of high standing to President Brand. Sir John Brand can not do anything without the Volksraad therefore it is desirous to see some of the members so as to induce them to act in favor of Moroka. His friends do not think that he or his friend Sekue have any chance to be heard or received by the Boers, unless accompanied by one who understands their language and nationality and can tell them of their mission here. We hear already that Sepinare is trying to undermine what good we are doing here. Of course we will do nothing without your opinion and advice, but as I have two brothers and many friends in the Volksraad of the Free State, and Moroka’s advisor in Bloemfontain, Mr J.J. de Villiers, is related to me, that might perhaps alter the circumstances and work in Moroka’s favour.

Please think this over.

With sincere esteem believe me,
Dear Sir
Yours very truly
Maurice Green

F.W. Chesson Esq
4 Broadway