Richard Whitfield to Frederick Chesson, 11 March 1884, C149/219

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C149-219


20 Cockspur Street
Charing Cross SW

March 11 1884

Dear Sir,

I enclose a photograph of Samuel Moroka which he left for you, and which I forgot to send last time I wrote.

Thank you for your letter of yesterday. I am indeed very glad to hear that Mr Blyth has forwarded the memorial to President Brand, neither Moroka nor Sekue liked the idea of having to wait in Cape Town, and I was afraid some newspaper fellow might get hold of them and pump them dry before they knew what he was up to.

With regard to the suggestion of dividing the Thaba Nchu territory we know no one in the Free State or Cape Colony who would be likely to have any influence with Sir J. Brand. Those we know are connected more or less prominently with the Church of England missions, and they would be more likely to do our cause harm than good.

Would it not be possible to make some such suggestion through one of the McArthurs? Could you now let me have a list of those who agreed to the Resolution? It seems to me that now is the time to let the church papers publish abroad the sympathy that was felt and expressed to Moroka, as the accounts would arrive after Sir J. Brand had received the memorial, and would prevent that communication from being entirely ignored, it so be that the president objected to reopening the question. The people of the Free State would see that Moroka had influential friends and could not be treated as a man of no importance. However if you think that it is best to say nothing I shall feel satisfied that you know best.

Very truly yours
Richard O. Whitfield

F.W. Chesson Esq