Richard Whitfield to Frederick Chesson, 17 February 1884, C149/214

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Whitfield, Richard









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C149-214


97 Fellows Road
South Hampstead NW

February 17 1884

Dear Sir,

I am very sorry the archbishop cannot be … to preside at the meeting. Perhaps when he has seen Moroka he will not object to allowing his name to be attached to the letter to President Brand.

As we cannot have his grace I think the gentleman you name, Sir Fowell Buxton, a very good substitute. It is a name that has long been connected with philanthropy.

I find that some energetic friends of mine have sent the printed statement to some of the church papers. I have written to try to stop their publication, but fear I may be too late. I hope it may not do any harm as they have nothing but the printed matter to go by, which, for all we know, may already have been sent out to Bloemfontein.

I find that William Sekue is first cousin once removed to Sepinare, so that his faithfulness to Moroka stands out in still brighter colours. I sincerely hope that all you have done for them may be crowned into success.

Very truly yours
Richard O. Whitfield

F.W. Chesson