Richard Whitfield to Frederick Chesson, 23 February 1884, C149/216

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Whitfield, Richard









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C149-216


20 Cockspur Street
Charing Cross SW

February 23 1884

Dear Sir,

I find that if Moroka and Sekue are to go next week they must be on board on Wednesday 27th at noon. They could of course manage it, but it would be rather a push as they will not be back from Lutterworth until Monday afternoon. The next ship is the ‘Mexican’ by which I understand Sir Hercules Robinson is going. They would have to join him at Southampton on Thursday March 6th. Do you think it advisable or not that they should go out in the same ship with Sir Hercules? If you see no reason why they should not go in the same ship with him I think March 6th the most suitable as it would enable you to write to Mr Smith at Cape Town next Thursday and he would be ready to go with them or send someone with them to Bloemfontein immediately on their arrival. Whereas if they go out next week the same time as your letter they might have to kick their … for a week at Cape Town spending their money. They would stop this next week with my family and so would save money. If they go next Wednesday they will have very little time to see anyone else before they go, but still if you think it best that they should go the earliest possible after the meeting we will see that they go off on Wednesday. The ship next Wednesday is a ‘Castle’, one of Sir Donald Currie’s. The ‘Mexican’ is not. I don’t know whether that is worth considering. Would you kindly give me your opinion on the point addressed to 97 Fellows Road, South Hampstead NW so that I may get it tonight.

Also begging for troubling you so much and so often,
Yours truly
Richard O. Whitfield

F.W. Chesson Esq