Richard Whitfield to Frederick Chesson, 5 February 1884, C149/211

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Whitfield, Richard









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C149-211


Private and confidential

20 Cockspur Street
Charing Cross SW

February 5th 1884

Dear Sir,

Moroka saw Mr Forster this morning. He was very kind and promised his help, if it any use, but thought that his known ideas on the subject of the Transvaal might be prejudicial. A gentleman suggested to me yesterday that it might be advisable to enlist Sir Charles Dilke, as one of the committee of your Society, in Moroka’s favour and then after due notice get a Liberal member to ask a question in the house on the subject. The matter might be quite friendly, but would show the Free State Boers that England was looking into the question. I went to see Mr Tucker of the SPG about it this morning. He though the idea a good one and that if you approved the nothing, perhaps you could get at Sir Charles Dilke more directly than we could. Mr Green is pressing for more money. Samuel has shown me a letter from him in which he says he did not think he should have been engaged so long. He asks for £2. It seems to me that he sees that they do not wish him to go out with them and therefore he wishes to get out of them as much as he can now. It will be a pity if he proves annoying.

Very faithfully yours
Richard O. Whitfield

F.W. Chesson Esq


I called to see you this morning about 12:15 but you were out.