Robert Lester to Frederick Chesson, 1 August 1884, C140/96

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Lester, Robert








Cape Colony

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C140-96


Cradock Cape Colony
Aug 1 1884

F.W. Chesson Esq
Aborigines Protection Society
17 King Wms St Charing Cross
London W.C.

Dear Sir,

Since my letter to you written yesterday with enclosures I have obtained the enclosed report from a most reliable source of a public meeting from which you will see that Mr Mckenzie has his supporters who are in favour of the Queens Government and who have full confidence in him, but that it is a certain rebel Boer named Niekerk who held office I believe in times past, who is stirring up the people to rebellion, murder, cattle stealing, etc. So if the govt intend ever to assist Mankoroane and those who they profess to protect, now is their time, or never. As to the Cape Colony taking Stellaland over, that is all nonsense. The Cape, full of Dutch Boers, is too weak to protect itself. And treason and rebellion is constantly being talked by the Cape Boers as a thing to take place before long when they hope to recapture the Cape and make it a Boer Republic and drive the English into the sea. How then will the Cape be able to keep order in a far off place like Stellaland. The Cape cannot do it. What is wanted here is a vigorous policy the Boers must be shown that England is in earnest and will not allow them to do as they like and they will ‘soon give in’. But please keep my name out of the papers, or this country would be too hot to hold me or any one else who dares act like a gentleman and speak the truth.

I remain
Dear Sir
Robert Lester
Barrister at Law