Scobie Logan to Frederick Chesson, 16 November 1883, C140/136

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Logan, Scobie


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C140-136


Grand General Indian Council of Ontario and Quebec

President – Chief Joseph Fisher
1st Vice-President – Chief John French
2nd Vice-President – Chief Henry Madwayosh
Secretary – Scobie Logan

Secretary’s Office

Middlemiss, Ont Nov 16th 1883

To F.W. Chesson Esq
Secy of A.P. Society
17 King William St
Charing Cross
London W.C.


My friend Mr … is an Indian authority from us to lecture and receive donation for our building as a commemoration of Her Most Emacious Majesty’s fiftieth year, our funds were not sufficient as we had to buy a special ground and beautify it. It is endorsed by our government agent … Gordon Esq, and Dr … Froome Esq of Newburry …. He is a member of parliament of West Middlesex for the House of Commons.

If it is within your power to help him along you will confer a great favour on your humble servants the Committee of the Jubilee Fund through me as a secretary general for that body. I have also written to our High Commissioner Right Hon Sir Charles Tupper to the same effect.

I am Sir
Your obedient servant
Scobie Logan
Wabumah Kee