Sidney Taiwhanga to Frederick Chesson, 2 July 1885, C148/215

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Taiwhanga, Sidney


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C148-215


2nd July 1885

Dear Sir,

By this paragraph I am very glad to know that Mr Gorst is one of the member of the new English ministry. Hoping that his government may remedied all our Maori past and future grievances.

‘Mr Gorst Appointed Solicitor-General
London, June 30
It is definitely announced that Mr Gorst, QC, MP for Chatham, has been appointed Solicitor-General in the new administration.’

Future grievances, that is to say, we Maori desire to have a council elected among ourselves (to be created under section 71, first of the New Zealand Constitution Act 1852, 15 and 16 Victoria Cap:72) to manage our own affairs, subject to the revision by the General Assembly of New Zealand after the old provincial style.

Past grievances, that is to say, all our personal grievances and confiscation heretofore of Maori lands, shall abide the determination of Her Majesty duly constituted court of law, of which Mr Gorst now hold that position as Solicitor-General. And I do hope for the sake of my poor Maori people, that he may used all what lays in his power to carry out with justice both, the provision of the 71 first section of the above act whereby Her Majesty grant us the write of self government, and the wrongfully confiscation of the Maori lands. As above stated, if you be so good and kind to send a copy of this letter to Mr Gorst. I am very glad to hear from your and Miss Weale.

I am etc etc
Truly yours
S. … Taiwhago