Sidney Taiwhanga to Frederick Chesson, 30 October 1884, G99 Vol. 1 – 41

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Taiwhanga, Sidney


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G99 Vol 1 – 41


30th Oct 1884

Dear Sir,

I am very happy indeed to hear from you and also from our spiritual sister Miss Weale, and I am very sorry indeed to hear she was very ill at the time of Maoris arrived in London, and I am also very glad to hear she is getting better again. I received your letter of the 22nd of August last, at the same time Tawhiao and his suite arrived, informing me results of their mission in London, and its correspond with news we received from the cable of the 18th of September shewing the date of their deputation to Lord Derby 25 July last.

Sir, as far as I can judge, with your letter, as well as with their deputation that the mission was very little good. I new that their would be a (Fiases) when Tawhiao runs away from Mr McBeth myself and two of ngapuhi chiefs as shewn in the enclosed paragraph and I do hope that the Wheoro will do some good for us before he would come out, that is to bring with him a law from the English parliament to remdy all our past grievances, more especially lands, and to make a law to give us a power to legislate for ourselves, that to have a self-government. But to tell you the truth Sir that if the Wheoro come back without nothing at all, you may rest upon this, that I tell you the truth, nothing but whole truth, that, I am quite sure and certain it would be another mission to England again, as soon as possible, headed by myself. Because, as soon as we know that Tawhiao deceived us by the influence of those people I mention in the paragraph, my Ngapuhi tribe would not like to lose no time, but commence to collect money to defray the expenses for the mission. Therefore I do think that the sooner the Colonial and the Imperial grant us these two request the sooner these two races united together for future. So I think they might as well grant them now, than to leave for future time.

Remember me to Mrs Chesson and children.
I have the honor to be,
S.D. Taiwhanga

F.W. Chesson Esq