Sidney Taiwhanga to Frederick Chesson, 4 December 1882, G98-60

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Taiwhanga, Sidney


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G98-60


Kaikohe Bay of Islands
Auckland New Zealand
4 December 1882

Dear Sir,

By the great mercy of God we safely arrived at the Bay of Islands on the 14 Nov/82. The English mail arrived here at the same hour as we did and I am so busy I could not write to you last mail. Ngapuhi chiefs going to have a great meeting at Treaty of Waitangi Hall on the 8th inst. to hear the results of our mission, and, as much as I can hear at the present, that the whole of Ngapuhi chiefs (more especially old Perero Tw Auha) they are all very much satisfied with both to our mission and the Land Scheme, and I do hope that the whole of New Zealand Maoris chiefs may aproved of the Scheme without any hesitation for the sake of themselves and their children. At the meeting I am going to ask to our committee for some funds to pay the expenses for going round to all each tribes of New Zealand, and if I succeed with the maoris, then we will have a great meeting for all the maoris chiefs in New Zealand (although there are so many Land sharks in New Zealand telling me that the maoris never be able to carried out the Scheme) and by God’s help, if we all be united together in to one, and then each tribe should collect money to send their own man to England by the middle of March 1883. I enclosed all the correspondent with regard of our mission and in future I will write to you every mail to let you know how we getting on.

Please give my best regard to Mrs Chesson and to all the good families, hoping this letter may find all of you in good health, the blessing of God may be upon all of us.

Believe me to remain,
Yours faithfully,
S.D. Taiwhanga

F.W. Chesson Esq
King William St