Sidney Taiwhanga to Frederick Chesson, 7 September 1882, G98-39

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Taiwhanga, Sidney


Indigenous person






S.S. Astral

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G98-39


S.S. Astral
7 Sept 1882

Dear Sir and Mrs Chesson and all the good dear family,

I must on behalf of my other two friends send our best regard and love to you all not only for the past kindness you shewn to us but for your coming on boat to bid us good bye, and we send our best wishes and farewell good bye to Mrs Chesson and to all her dear children, may the blessing of God be upon all of us.

Sir, will you be so good and kind enough to publish

1. To the whole church of England from the lowest good churchmen and churchwomen to the Archbishop of Canterbury
2. To all good men members of the Parliament of England
3. To the Aborigines Protection Society more especially to yourself
4. To all ladies and gentlemen more especially to Miss Weale
5. To Dr Liddon and to Revd Mr Kelly for his especial farewell service last night at St Marks for our departure we value it very much indeed.

Will you be so good and so kind to write to tell them that we do not know how to thank you all for all the kindness it has been shewn to us both for the good of our souls and for the good for our mission we dearly could not express our feelings how to thanks to all the good people of England and I do hope by the help of God that my Maori people would hear in earnest and good will all what I have to tell them the good news I received from England for their future wellfare.

And believe me dear Sir, yours truly,
S.D. Taiwhanga for the three of us