Sidney Taiwhanga to Frederick Chesson, undated (post 6 May 1885), C143/192

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Taiwhanga, Sidney


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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C143-192


Dear Sir,

This is King Tawhiao and the chiefs tour to Ngapuhi Territory by Ngapuhi’s own chiefs invitation, to come and to attained to our great meeting to be held at Waitangi Hall on the 23rd of April 1885 (on the strength of your advice to me in your letter dated London 19 Dec 1884 stating that Ngapuhi chiefs and Tawhiao chiefs must be united into one, because ‘union is strength’). They all agreed to this proposal. King Tawhiao and the chiefs left Whatiwhatihoe for Auckland en route for Bay of Islands in the S.S. Wellington on the 20th of April 1885 about 150 in numbers.

There are three importance projects of my persisting, Ngapuhi chiefs and Tawhiao and the chiefs, to come together to this great meeting of ours, so that we may be able to consults, and discuss to ourselves on these three importance projects.

To signed a permanent Union document for Tawhiao and his chiefs for Ngapuhi and their chiefs, and all the principal chiefs throughout New Zealand, up to this date, there are 352 chiefs have already signed and the said document now at the present rapidly toward of signing.

To signed a document in support of Tawhiao petition to the English Parliament of course I only persuaded the natives to signed this document, only just to gratify poor Tawhiao, because I new when he left me behind him (by the bad advices from those very persons who … his lands and his poor people instead of taking my advice) that his mission would be ended ‘Fiasco.’ But when Tawhiao saw that he was in the wrong by not taking my advice before going to England, and he also knows that I am the only Maori who have a great love for the poor Maoris past and future grievances he agreed to our request to go to Ngapuhi to signed a document for our Union as I have already stated above.

To signed a petition to the New Zealand Parliament for our Maori self-government.

The reception Tawhiao and the chiefs received by Ngapuhi chiefs and tribes, and the real truth of the results of the mission, are as follows.

Tawhiao and the chiefs left Auckland as above stated arrived at Russell early on Tuesday morning 21 April 1885 and stayed at Russell both that day and the next day.

Thursday 23. We all cross over to Waitangi Hall, Ngapuhi to the numbers of about 500, all ready on the Waitangi … to received and to well come them by way of Maori War dance. After the war dance, they all come to the front of our meeting houses, to pay their respect in memory to the late Ngapuhi chief Kerei Waupuni. The food Ngapuhi supplies them here was 2000 loaves, 3 tons of flour on ton sugar 3 boxes of tea 50 bags and 15 tons of tons of potatoes and …

Friday 24. Ngapuhi chiefs well come Tawhiao and the chiefs in the Maori fashion.

Saturday 25. Having a discussion about signing the document to support Tawhiao petition as I have already mentioned and also about the signing the document for our Union. The late Tamati Waka Nina and Eru Patuna tribe headed by Ani Kaaro grand daughter of Eru Patuna, all agreed to signed Tawhiao petition or document requested by me, and in consequence two our great chiefs Hongi Hilla and Kira would not signed both documents, but since they agreed to signed them.

Sunday 26. Services held in our meeting hall by Revd Hau Peka, Wiki Te Pa, Rupena Parata Renata Tangata and Revd Wiremu Tampana of Thames.

Monday 27. Ngapuhi having a meeting to themselves.

Tuesday 28. Left here for Waimio, while we crossing to Apua Wharf one of our canoe capsize, but no harm done, we all arrived at … one of our Hall meeting stayed there for the night.

Wednesday 29. Left here for Waimio, arrival 10:30am. Ngati Hina, march Brown Hamita tribe, to the numbers of about 350 was there ready to received them with well come of War dance. The quantity of food they supplies here for them was 20 blocks, 40 pigs, 20 sheep and 10 tons of potatoes and …, and (£300) worth of English food. Ngati Hina served them their meals with the English fashion all through.

Thursday 30. Friday May 1. Saturday 2. We all busy drafting the document of Union to be signed by King Tawhiao, March Brown Kawiti and all the principal chiefs throughout New Zealand.

Sunday. Services in Waimio meeting hall by Revd Hau Peka, Renata Taupata, … Parata and Wiremu Turipona.

Monday 4. The document ready to be read it over to the whole meeting and the whole assembles all agreeable as one man, and there was a loud applaused and clasping of hands in favour of the document.

Tuesday 5. King Tawhiao, and March Brown Kawiti and the chiefs and tribes signed the said document 150 in numbers.

Wednesday 6. They all left Waimio for Russell en route to their home, arrived at Auckland next morning all safe.

Dear Sir,

My reason of writing this to you was because there was a paragraph in the Herald and the Star and others newspapers stating that Tawhiao mission to Ngapuhi fruitless soon I saw this remarks in these newspapers I have them this to insert this for me but they would not this is another of our many draw back there is no newspaper our own to defend ourselves. If there is a dissolution of parliament this session, Tawhiao and all Waikato chiefs as well as Wahanui all agreed to put me in parliament this time. I have the fortune of meeting Wahanui in Queen Street last night on his way to Wellington to protest against Mr Ballance native disposition and native lands bills if by chance ever I get in the parliament I will say my poor Maori would be safe, but if not there is no hope for the poor Maoris.

My best regard to Mrs Chesson and family
Yours faithfully
S.D. Taiwhanga

F.W. Chesson Esq