Te Wheoro to Frederick Chesson, 18 November 1884, G99 Vol. 1 – 45

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Te Wheoro, Wiremu


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit Emp. S. 22 / G99 Vol 1 – 45


6 Eastern Terrace
18 Nov 1884

F.W. Chesson Esq

Dear Friend Salutations to you. I have made up my mind to return to my own people on 3rd Dec but I will come to see you and my friends in England before I leave for New Zealand. Dear friend I wish to have some thing from you and your friends a remembering of your love and kindness towards the maori race. So it be as remembering for us and over descendent if you like you can get a cross … as regalia or I will let Mr Kerry Nicholas know what it is that if you like it will not cost more than £5 or £10 that will be for all of you gentlemen and my friends who have a great feeling for the maori people and wish to have your gentlemen’s likenesses in a book from gentlemen that will get this a remembering for the native race and your love your likenesses and your kind to the native race when I get home again. Mr Ashbury will be in it if he know what it is to be he is going to Amarica on Monday you can let me now what you think of what I have written to you.

I remain
Yours truly friend
Na Wi Te Wheoro