W.J. Waddilove to Froome Talfourd, 18 February 1884, C148/217

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Waddilove, W.J.


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C148-217


Munsey Town
Feb 18th 1884
From Canada

Dear Sir,

Mr F. Talfourd esq,

I am pleasure to writing to you I beg to submit into your office I want you if you please to search Mr Scobie Logan his business main point he layed before the parliament of lords in England he returned home from england never say one word to his business in England to our tribe of Munses of Thames.

He want the old treaty so I sended to him old treaty of our forefathers covenant chain expression all right he did not tell us how they accept the lords of parliament in eng our band desire to know what he doing a long time in england and if kindly let me know his address and no. of his office secretary Mr Chesson in england house of lords.

Please let me know secretary of New England Company or President his office and no. this I am anxious to know. I am highly respect answer from you I use to see you at the time of your agency of Sarnia Indian Reserve. I have the honor to be Sir your obedient servant.

From Chief W. J. Waddilove
My address Middlemiss