W.J. Waddilove to Froome Talfourd, undated, C148/219

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Waddilove, W.J.


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C148-219


Chief of the Munsey Band of Indian in the county of Middlesex and Province of Canada

My great desire to know if your kindness and love to the redman of the forest.

My Logan his business of England Logan he told me one day he wish to go in england for a business I tell him not to go if you want go business go to ottawa Indian Dept he said to me always I like go to england I am reddy now to go so he start from here. After he arrive of england he wrote me letter he want me to send him old treaty our forefathers entered to king George III alliance to [his army?]. I am sorry for him Logan I will report him now Mr Logan to let you know he is sober man he married to white lady but lady left Logan she went to Michigan Logan he was very sorry for his wife he wish to get divorce but he is to poor cannot obtain divorce while he was in that state he went to engd but he is very poor he is a vagabond now anyway he never has own home. The way he enter in the office he is sober young man he Is not well posted chief I think this is correct.

Please send me his business what he mean to do Logan excuse my mistake.

Your faithfully
Childdrens of redman of the forest
This is alliance adopted
Great Britain and Indians
This similar kinsman white and redman
Hereditary chief Wm. J. Waddilove

My address is Middlemiss P.O.