W.Y. Campbell to Frederick Chesson, 20 November 1886, C128/50

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Campbell, W.Y.









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C128-50


Greenwood Park House
Victoria County
Natal 20 11 86

Dear Sir,

I think you have heard of me, sufficient at least for present purpose.

I address you today in your capacity as Secy of the A.P.S. If ever your Society had … of justifying its existence it … in the present Zulu juncture. Sir A Havelock has betrayed them and it is incumbent on England to … his work. Miss Colenso will have supplied you with the whole … miserable history and … Enclosed are translations – my own – of the 2 protests left by Shingana and 2 others when done recently, I objected to Miss Colenso’s translation as in no way reproducing the Zulu meaning and … on the mind. I got a question … the house and the reply you would see about cabling home Shingana’s petition and protest, a miserable …. I lacked funds … would have cabled them home myself to you.

There is only one way out of the whole business. (1) recall Sir Arthor (2) annex the whole of Zululand and (3) appoint a land …

(1) Recall Sir Arthur, unless England is going to endorse his policy, because to attempt to undo his mischief through his own agency would set at naught all common sense.
(2) Annex Zululand, out and out to the Empire no further … in keeping with party pandering to an eternal hesitancy must be … to deter leaders with minds … for doing their manifest duty. All Zululand because nothing less will be just nothing less will be peace. The executive civil service of Natal is quite strong enough to administer Zululand [majisterily?] and [fiscally?].
(3) … emphatically and persistently the Zulus have denied the Boer land jobbers claims and no tribunal has ever … the Boer statements these claims ought to be investigated on the spot i.e. … Zululand by an imperial commission and claims admitted must become … under our laws as in Natal.

… essentials and your society will do good service to its tenets and … if it [seeks?] them.

I have … the ameliorative action … old England will take in the matter here strongly advised the Zulus through Miss Colenso to follow no … course i.e. (a) they must knock under and accept their fate or (b) … ruly protest en masse set no food … the proposed boundary business appeal to the Queen and if eventually the Boers in any way strike home in self defence with the … . It must be either (a) or (b) one they must … on the best judge which … Zulus are in a miserable state they have no land, abundant … but no …!

The … for individual … in Zululand England must … do her duty and … for the time being and rightly annex first and [enquire?] afterwards.

I am using all my influence to get the council to … itself in the Zulu interest and … to see [tobbled?] this … resolution which will not … matters.

Miss Colenso has a prejudice but all the council does all the colonists say is impelled by love of Natal and not by indignation of the way the Zulus have been betrayed, this is wrong and I have told her so I know that pity is deep for the Zulus per se, and quite apart from any land grab which … does not exist.

Yours truly
W.Y. Campbell

Chesson Esq
… Chambers