William Davis te Puhi, te Hiki, te Parore to Charlotte Weale, 30 October 1882, G98-51

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Reweti, Wiremu


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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G98-51


October 30 1882

To the Bishop, the Bedford, who lives in London. Dear friend, greetings to you and all the fathers of the Church of London and of New Zealand. Friends, great is my love to you all, to all the fathers of the Church. I salute the Bishops of the Church. Dear Friend Bishop the Bedford, very great are my thanks to you all, for your great thought for us, in giving us so lovingly and in the kindness of your hearts the money which enabled us to return to our own land, our tribe, and fathers and our relations and therefore I write this letter of love to you all, to the fathers of the Church, to be strong to ask God to take care of the two races, the Europeans and the Maories that may all be one in Christ. This is all I have to say from your loving and true friend,
William Davies te Puhi, te Hiki, te Parore.

To Miss Weale, Charlotte, Julia, Dorotea, this letter was sent from Melbourne on the 30th day of October 1882. Greetings to you friend. Do not grieve for us, we have arrived safely at Melbourne. Greetings to you. On account of the greatness of the love in my heart, I wrote again to you. Your body is with you, but your spirit is still hovering around us, as though it were your earthly body talking to me, from the other world, and this makes me continually to think of you. Friend, let your cry be strong, that is your prayer to God to take care of the two races, the Maori and the European, that the love of God may be with us to shelter us. Friend, Miss Weale, greeting! May the great God take care of us that we may have health for the days that are before us. Will you give my love to Bishop the Bedford, and to all the Bishops, that is to all the fathers of the Church in London. That is all. I have finished.
From your loving and true child, William Davis te Puhi, te Hiki, te Parore.
To Miss Weale in London to our friend.