William Davis te Puhi, te Hiki, te Parore to Charlotte Weale, 6 November 1882, G98-52

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Reweti, Wiremu


Indigenous person






New South Wales

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G98-52


November 6 1882
At Sydney N.S.W.

To Miss Weale in London?
Greetings to you O friend, Miss Weale. Great very great is my love to you. Greetings to you and to all. To my dear friends the Ministers, to Dr Liddon and to Mr Kelly. Salutations to you the servants of God, the workers in the Church. By strong to ask God to save the two races the Europeans and the Maori, to amalgamate the two tribes that they may be one, that the Scriptures may be fulfilled. ‘There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ.’ ‘Love is the fulfilling of the law.’ Greetings to you …, my father and to your wife and to all your children and to you daughter. Friend …, be strong to call upon God to take care of the two tribes the Maori and the European. May the grace of our lord Jesus Christ and the blessing of God rest upon us all.

I send my love to you Miss Weale and to your friends the sisters, great is my love to all. Greetings to my sister Hilda, great is my love to you. I have no more to say to you all.

Now this is to Miss Weale. I want you to know that we have arrived at Sydney, are resting and waiting for the ‘Ringarooma’ on the 8th of November we shall be at a port but we shall not go on shore, we shall remain on our steamer, until we reach our part of New Zealand. I have no more to say. I have finished. Will you give my love to all the Clergymen and to all my lady friends and to all my friends.

From your loving and true friend and son
William Davis te Puhi, te Hiki, te Parore