William Duncan to Frederick Chesson, 6 March 1886, C133/49

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C133-49


33 Finsbury Circus
London 6 Mch 1886

Dear Sir,

I have great pleasure in sending you an extract (as below) from a letter addressed to me while in England by a gentleman in British Columbia, who has resided for many years (certainly over 30) in the province, and occupied a high and responsible government position.

I need scarcely say that the writer does not expect his letter to be made public yet his testimony comes so opportune at this junction, to show the present state of the mission with which I am connected, that I feel sure he would not object to the step I am taking.

Yours very sincerely,
W. Duncan

F.W. Chesson, Esq
Aborigines Prot Society

Victoria, B.C. 20 Dec 1885

Last August I visited Metlakahtla with the delegate. The Indians received me most warmly, and with all honours, flags, guns, band, etc. Next morning they assembled to the number of 120 and made speeches, to which I replied exhorting them to be patient, and explaining how difficult it is to get things done all at once when governments are concerned, and gave them a sketch of our Colonial Empire, with statistics of growth etc. for last 300 years. They appreciated all I said which was interpreted by Mr Tomlinson.

I was much impressed with their village, council, musical talent, etc., but above all by their serious and devout demeanour in the church, three services on Sunday and one on Wednesday evening. So far as man can judge, I regard Metlakahtla as the most Christian and orderly community in British Columbia. I was there nearly a fortnight.

(Signed) B. Pearse