William Franklin to Frederick Chesson, 8 July 1882, C134/218

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Franklin, William









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C134-218


7 Larches St
July 8/82


Yours to hand, and I thank you most sincerely for your kindness and courtesy towards me in this matter. I shall anxiously await a letter from the Chief, and hope that if he is to much engaged himself when he returns to Canada, that he will ask one of his people to write to me from there, for I do assure him I shall esteem it one of the greatest honors and pleasures I could receive. I thank you most heartily for offering to give my letter to the chief, for I feel assured my object will be gained, as he will be sure and do as I ask, understanding the warm regard I have for his people. I trust he will be able to send me word of the full success of the object of his journey and if he will favor me as requested, I shall write to him or one of his tribe much that will interest and please them. Please show him this and ask him to accept the warmest regards of one whose entire sympathy is with his noble race, and I also wish him to convey my deepest regards and well wishes to his people, but sincerely hope to know them by writing if not personally very soon.

Thanking you again for your courtesy, and trusting the Chief will accept the strong friendship and brotherly love I feel for him and his people.

I remain,
Yours respectfully,
Wm Franklin

The Aborigines Protection Society and Wahbum-ah-kee, great chief of the wolf tribe