William Jesser Coope to Hercules Robinson, 13 October 1888, C129/34b-c

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Coope, William Jesser









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C129-34


Lebombo Mountains
13 Oct 1888


I have the honour to enclose a copy of a letter addressed by me to H.E. the High Comm for Zululand. As the events mentioned in it occurred in which is commonly known as Amatongaland, outside the influence of the High Comm for Zululand, I presume I am correct in forwarding this copy to your Excellency.

Since the letter to H.E. was written I have travelled all over the Southern parts of Amatongaland occupied by the independent chiefs of Zulu origin speaking roughly a country of about 30 x 50 miles in extent. I there found a most deplorable state of things. The charred ruins of burnt kraals, the people hiding in the bush in anticipation of further raids, the … and the mealie fields … a circumstance which alone must bring great suffering on … women and children as the cropping season being already far advanced famine must result.

I beseech your Exc. to interest yourself in the fate of these unfortunates and at any rate to obtain for them the restoration of their children made captives and the cattle stolen from them by Usebepu.

The chiefs in question are independent. During the lifetime of Ketchwayo they lived at peace under his protection, and some of them after the battle of Ulundi sought the protection of Mr John Dunn but as that was never afforded them they now through me tender their submission to Her Majesty.

I have
Signed Wm Jesser Coope

The High Commissioner for S Africa