William Larson Kingon to Frederick Chesson, 1 December 1885, C139/223

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Kingon, William Larson






Cape Town


Cape Colony

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C139-223


W. Lawson Kingon
Cape Town

Cape Town 1st Dec 1885

F.W. Chesson Esquire
Secretary to the Aborigines Protection Society
5 … Street, Chelsea
Broadway Chambers


I am aware that letters from Kamaherero the paramount chief of the Damaras were received in Cape Town about a month ago, one of which was posted to your address, and I am advised from Okahandja the chief’s place of residence that on the 10th September last a Mr Robert Innes was appointed by … power of attorney to [proceed?] to England to urge upon the imperial government the acceptance of the country and its people unconditionally.

In yesterday’s issue of the Cape Argus I found the Germans proclaimed a protectorate over that country on the 21st October in the presence of the Chief at Okahandja. The same paragraph mentions a fight between the Damaras and Namaquas, in which the former were [bested?] on the 15th, and my opinion is it was [under?] compulsion and that the fight was part of the German programme.

Nothing has been heard from Kamaherero accepting the protectorate. On the contrary his latest advices are opposed to the Germans and urge upon the British to return their promises made through Mr Palgrave, and I cannot believe he has now accepted the protectorate. I must therefore ask you to see Colonel Stromby and induce him to communicate with Prince Bismarck, requesting him not to ratify [Dr Gouming’s] actions until further information can be had from Kamaherero. The first vessel from Walwich Bay is due here on the 5th January. I may mention that a Mr [Schindwiller?] who was present at Okanhandja on the 21 October has arrived (by Special Conveyance and with marviallous rapidity) in Cape Town, and proceeds for [Trojan?] tomorrow, possibly to urge in person the ratification of their action by the German Chancellor before any protest can arrive from Kamaherero.

I shall be glad that you did all in your power to save the Damaras from being victimized by a party of German adventurers.

I have the honour to be
Your obedient servant
W.L. Kingon