William Parore to Charlotte Weale, 19 September 1882, G98-46

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Reweti, Wiremu


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G98-46


September 19/82

To Miss C.J.D. Weale,

Lady Miss Weale, Salutation to you. Do not be downcast, lady, about us sailing on the deep. We are all well and are constantly engaged in prayer with our pastor. He is singularly active and earnestly calls upon God to guard us all on board our steamer. My heart is exceedingly joyful on account of his power in extolling the name of God. Do not be cast down about us, for we are well. But lady, this is what I have to say, pray to your father in the secret place, may He keep you Miss Weale, until His own day. Plead earnestly with your father in secret whom alone you may see. Lady, my affection for you is still very great, for your soul was so powerful in causing me to see in the darkness. When I went to sleep the other night I dreamt I saw you, and that your spirit was calling to me, O Wiremu, Wiremu, from the other world. I awoke thinking you were in this world calling to me, and swept over my dream. Lady strive bravely for your treasure, that is with your father in the secret place; may He reward you abundantly for He sees you always. Salutation, lady, in the mercy of God. Live on there, Miss Weale, there in your home in London, also, my (English) cousins, salutations to you all my sisters. Lady Miss Weale, salutation to you and the elders of the Church. My heart is joyful because they turned to support us in the cause for which we went to England. Enough, convey my affectionate remembrances to my cousins and the elders of the Church. May God keep us both. From your own child with great affection.

Wm Reweti Puhi Huhi Parore