William te Puhi to Charlotte Weale, 10 May 1883, C144/149

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Reweti, Wiremu


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C144-149


…, Dargaville
May 10th 1883

Dear Friend,

I received your letter on the 4th of May so glad to hear that you are getting on very well, as I am the same. We arrived at home safely. I am still thinking about the dear old place in London. I have been doing a great job here. I am now going to tell you, Europeans is making roads and railroads through our settlement without our agreement. They have surveyed our land, unjustice one of them, which I think to be a stand met of a fellow that is Dargaville. He is treating the Maories very badly. I can scarcely know what to do. An other thing I want to tell you, that Hakena and I don’t agree very well. I am very sorry to hear that the Archbishop is dead. Will you please to tell Miss Tait and Mrs Davidson that I am still alive, and doing the best I can, for I am going to Church every Sunday to hear what Mr Hitchcock say. We always go to hear him preaching, but I don’t understand his language; does the … of me. Many natives is going to school, and learn some English language. I have been thinking to go to Wellington to see our new government but I am afraid he would not make … with the Maories. I have told to Reo Wiki te Pao to write up to you … you all from home. I also wrote to Revd Charles Baker at Waimati to write up to you. Gentleman is willing to make a new laws for our own country.

Dargaville is trying to take long land from us. We wanted him to pay for the lands before we let him do anything on the land. We were willing to have new roads, and to have new railroads but I think the government will not make friends with us.

May god bless these poor people, if God has power to protect us we shall be very glad. I suppose white people is thinking that the natives do not understand the English laws, and is better to take their lands away.

I am going to send a petition up to the government to try, but I think he would not look at it. I am very sorry to say that everything is going crooked in New Zealand. I have a great affect to all of you. To all those who care for me, give my best love to all.

Remember me when far far away wishing you goodbye. Dear Charlotte, believe in me. I am yrs respect.

William te Puhi, Heke te Parore