William te Puhi to Charlotte Weale, undated, C144/150

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Reweti, Wiremu


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C144-150


Howhanga Dargaville
Northern Wairoa

Dear Friend,

I received your letter which was written on the 17 March and glad to hear all the news from London as I am been thinking of you ever since we left London. I have been sick in March, but I got all right again, and been thinking of you, and all of you ever since. Tell my friends that I am getting on very well, and able to walk about. I am still at home. I haven’t seen Sidney for three months. The people here is making roads, they have started 7 chains and 9 sinks, but we stop them the cause of the row. Every chief is making a new laws upon themselves we are still improving ourselves, to do somethings good, by making a new laws. Our clergymen come here, and told us. Remember to improve yourself about scripture, that we might be able to read, and become a good church men.

I am thinking to sent a copies of our petition to our governor, but I am afraid he would not look at it, for every white people in this country has a down on the Maories. They also came to Parore this is the chief of this place, and told him to sign the agreement which they made they offered him £50 pounds if he sign his name to it, and of course they didn’t tell him what the agreement was before he sign it, it was written in English. When he got his name sign, they told him that it was an agreement for the railroad to go through your place. He also told them if he had known it was an agreement for the roads, he would not sign his name that is the cause of the row. We don’t interfere with any white as long as they do things rights, but if they try to take our lands away, we must stop them. And if you think this is a right thing to do, I’ll stop with all my … Maories in New Zealand has a great desire to see you, and all the people in England. If I have no trouble at home, I should go over to Wellington myself to see the governor of New Zealand. Please tell these to Mr Chesson and to all your friends. I know that they would be very sorry to hear thing about New Zealand. Thing going very crooked this time, you received that letter, please to answer it as soon as possible before we make and different in the country please to … it to all your friends.

I am yrs truly
William Reroeti te Puhi, Heke te Parore